When to Hire a Property Management Company

You may want to start considering hiring a property management company when:

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  • You have multiple rental units

  • You live far away from your rental properties

  • You do not have extra time in your schedule

  • You are experiencing unnecessary stress

  • You plan to acquire more properties

  • You lack the experience to manage your properties

  • You have a high vacancy rate or problems with cash flow

  • You discover you're paying too much for maintenance and repairs

  • You don't have the advertising reach to find new tenants

If you want or need help, its best to start sooner than later. If you wait till you have unexpected changes or additions to your schedule, or health, you would find yourself with unnecessary additional stress. Many property owners and landlords find that the cost of hiring a property manager is well worth the time. They usually go on to discover that opportunity time was freed up and allowed them to go on to focus on new projects and acquiring more units, making even more income, all while experiencing less stress.


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